Find Your True North

Kate Mulheron


AMB Logo 2013_SmallKate has practiced many styles of yoga over twenty five years including: classical Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Forrest, Ashtanga and Bikram. She completed Hot Yoga Teacher’s Training in December of 2008. She went on to train with Ana Forrest in October of 2009 which she considers one of the most pivitol experiences of her life. Ana Forrest reminded Kate of the healer she was meant to be, by providing a space for Kate to take a deep and honest look at the protective barriers that held her back in life, until that point. Kate’s great love of Forrest Yoga has significantly impacted her practice, life, and spirit and has taught her a greater understanding of the healing power of breath and movement within the physical, emotional and spiritual layers of the human body. The teaching Kate provides, will truly help you unlock your barriers that hold you back from walking a path of vibrancy in this life. Kate is a leading Forrest Yoga teacher and is truly honored to be able to bring her great passion for this art of healing to all that cross her path at all the studios she teaches at including: Yoga Pod, Radiance Power Yoga, and Amana, in Boulder Colorado as well as Tula Hot Yoga Studio in Denver.

Kate is in formal mentorship with Native trained teacher, Trudy Welty. They continue in-depth studies from a Native perspective about the Universal Circle and Healing as a part of the cycle of life. Her teacher Miss Trudy is a very seasoned teacher in the Native Ways. Trudy is known as a Wisdom Holder in her tradition and she has spent thirty years teaching people how to heal and live more peacefully in this world. Kate considers it a deep honor to have been blessed with these teachings from Miss Trudy, and considers these teachings as the guiding force in supporting Kate teach people to heal themselves through balancing the relationship between their body, mind and spirit. Kate also facilitates many healing circles in her community, using the seven directions, elements, and relationship to the natural world.

Kate has a flourishing private practice in Boulder, Colorado, where she works individually with clients and their healing process.These sessions incorporate deeply intuitive energy, yoga asana, breath work, nutritional support and practices of the native ways. Kate provided a sacred space and proper tools to help clients facilitate their own healing on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. Kate has studied holistic nutrition at Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, Colorado and received her Reiki Training in 2003.