Find Your True North

Kara-Leah Grant


Kara-Leah Grant has carved a successful career as a presenter, writer and yoga teacher based on an intimate sharing of her own experiences.

She is the founder of New Zealand’s most popular yoga website The Yoga Lunchbox and creator of Habit Hacking – a method to change or install habits into your daily life.

Her practical and potent book Forty Days of Yoga, which draws heavily on her own experiences, has helped thousands of people establish a regular home yoga practice.

Physical injuries and mental health fluctuations forced Kara-Leah to develop a strong home yoga practice in order to deal with the pain of life. This taught Kara-Leah how to intimately examine her habitual responses to emotion and thought, giving her a solid, experiential understanding of the psyche and how it is embodied.

Her yoga practice has been her anchor for more than fifteen years now and through this embodied practice she understands how to practically apply the tools of yoga in our daily lives on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. As a result, the way she teaches ‘yoga’ has evolved past asana classes and into her presentations, seminars and workshops.

Ultimately, Kara-Leah’s passion is helping people wake up to their potential as unlimited beings.

Kara-Leah lives in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand with her son.