Find Your True North

Justine Malick


Justine is a Yoga & Pilates teacher living in Silver Lake, CA. I love traveling, being by the ocean, drinking coffee, and hanging out at home with all my lil plants babies. I started moving at a super young age – crawling by 4 months, walking by 8 months. And I haven’t really stopped moving since. I was a figure skater for over 10 years and started practicing Pilates when I was 13. Yoga came into my life just as I was transitioning out of the competitive skating world and into college. I’ve completed over 1000+ hours of training through YogaWorks, Embodied Flow, Body Arts Science International (BASI), and have also studied Deep Bodywork Massage and Resistance Flexibility. I lived in Santa Barbara for 6 years before moving to Melbourne, Australia kind of on a whim. I originally planned to be there for a month – I stayed for 7. It took a while, but LA finally feels like home again. Happy & grateful to be a part of the Wanderlust fam!