Find Your True North

Justine Hamill


Justine is Studio Co-owner and Senior Facilitator of Power Living New Zealand. A Yoga teacher, Vocalist, Gestalt Trained Psychotherapist as well as mum of 3 children. Justine has trained with Duncan Peak, Tiffany Cruickshank, Keenan Crisp, Seane Corn, Suzanne Sterling and Hala Khouri in NZ, Australia, Bali and U.S.A. Justine has also a facilitated 200hr Teacher Trainings and held the role as Programs Manager of Power Living 200hr Teacher Training programs for the past 4 years in New Zealand.

With training in Gestalt Pshychotherapy & as a student of Hala Khouri Justine is extremely passionate about trauma sensitive work in Yoga and creating and holding a safe space and container for students to explore. Her ability to read and hold space as well as duty of care with those in process is something she takes very seriously with a great level of responsibility.

As a vocalist Justine has been involved in many bands over the years as well as having opened for Sting at the mission estate in 2011. Her passion in more recent years is in sharing and co-creating sound and mantra both contemporary and traditional within the Yoga community as a powerful tool for healing.

Her own personal journey of finding her voice from a very timid shy 20 year old who wouldn’t speak (let alone sing) in front of a group to a now 40 year old teacher who has sung in front of up to 24000 people, taught 1000s of students and trained 100s of teachers is truly inspirational and something she is passionate about sharing with others on their journey into freedom and self expression.