Julia y Leo


Julia Padilla Domene
<< Contortionist and balancer >>
Graduated from the ESAC (Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque, Brussels)
In 2008, she began to practice contortion and handstand, a combination that for her represents the duality between fragility and control.
Julia has collaborated with several circus companies and festivals.
In 2010 she began as a teacher of flexibility at sea or ma, pedagogical project of Les Cabaret Capricho.
He has given several intensive workshops of both disciplines in the picture of several circus and acrobatics festivals (Ficho, Periplo Festival, Acrolandia México)
Currently offers regular classes of handstand and flexibility in the Periplo Forum.
Leonardo Sivira (Venezuela)
He trained for four years with Venezuelan street theater companies, touring some South American countries. Later, as a circus artist at the Rogelio Rivel Circus School in Barcelona, Spain. She specializes as a tightrope walker at the Regional Center for the Arts of Cirque de Lomme, France. She has learned from the masters: Vicente Espinoza (Cuba), Yaquin Deng (Hunan Circus School, China) and Claude Victoria (France). He has participated in various projects in several countries with different circus companies. As a teacher he has taught balance workshops in different circus festivals (Mazunte Circus Festival, Ficho-Guadalajara, Periplo Festival), as well as yoga and performing arts schools in different states of the Mexican Republic.
Together they have spent hours of training and research in the different techniques related to investment balances. From this sharing has arisen the need to transmit the methodology and reflections that this meeting has generated.
Now they come to Wanderlust inviting us to enter their world head on.