Find Your True North

Jon Rea


Hailing from Venice, CA, Jon Rea has always had a passion for art and using movement for self-expression and connection. After a 6 year span of weightlifting, he discovered a love for yoga which evolved into a passion for acrobatics. His combined 5 years of yoga, acroyoga, and standing acrobatics have broadened his capacity to use his body, collaborate with partners, and lift others to new heights. His practice time is devoted to training with former acrosports competitors, creating new transitions and flows, and deepening his understanding of alignment and technique.evelops high-level workshops and private sessions structured around unique progressions to bring the intricacy of Risley and Icarian Games to the acroyoga community.

When Jon isn’t sharing his passion for acro, you can catch him in his workshop creating woodworking pieces, playing his guitar and singing, swinging on the traveling rings, and enjoying sunsets with his Santa Monica Original Muscle Beach family.