Find Your True North



Johanna Maggy Hauksdottir is my name. I was born and raised in Iceland and I have always been a super curious person. As a little girl, my mother would always find me outside playing with all of nature’s elements in any weather condition. She’d have to drag me inside from playing all by myself, with my brothers or with a group of friends just so I could eat and sleep. The outdoors has and always will be where I am the happiest. While
exploring all the beautiful gifts that nature offers us , my curiosity started to grow about natural ways of living. I like to say that I started dancing in my mother’s belly. She is a dancer and I was partly raised in a dance school where I danced everyday. This is where my curiosity about the abilities of our bodies was born. I consider myself lucky to be a very curious person. The curiosity that had me investigating nature as a child was the same one that made me travel to South Africa when I was 19. At the time I didn’t know why I was so attracted to that part of the world, I just felt it and knew I had to go there. While there I worked in the countryside collecting flowers, then at a farm with animals and eventually running a restaurant. It was all such an amazing experience – I learned a lot about nature, life and especially about myself.

After my time in Africa, I was introduced to Pilates. I fell in love with it fast and a few months later I was living in New York City studying the original Pilates method by Romana’s Pilates. When I graduated I was offered a job in one of their Manhattan studios where I worked for over 8 years with a large group of clients. Because I built such deep relationships with all of them I felt the need to further educate myself in order to assist them with their health and overall well-being. I heard about people who had attended The Ann Wigemore Institute in Puerto Rico to heal themselves from many serious illnesses such as Cancer. I decided to take a course there and it was one of the best things I have ever given to myself. My relationship with food was now changed forever and had opened a new door in my field of work. My next target was the IIN – Institute of Integrative Nutrition where I graduated as a certified holistic health coach.

By that time I was pregnant with my first son and a year later my second. That experience left me in awe of us women, just how powerful we really are. Going through all the beauty and pain of motherhood from beginning to end. I started to dig deeper into women, mothers’ and babies health and nutrition. This is where I stand today – still
searching for more wisdom, beauty and little simple secrets that Mother Nature gave us to make everyday life better.