Johann Fanger


Johann Fanger is a a Berlin based Producer, Liveact, DJ and an active member of Berlin´s ever vibrant nightlife.

Leaving he’s small-town life in the suburbs of Frankfurt behind and making the move to the big city in 2003,  Johann didnt hesitate long and jumped in the scene head-first. Inspired by many long nights he began to organize a series of club nights in local underground clubs and off-spaces in early 2004 together with other Techno enthusiasts. Madly in love with the power of Electronic Dance Music he expanded his involvment in the scene and started to support and manage other artists, organizing showcases and many more events in any kind of location he could get his hands on.  After several years of pulling strings behind the curtains and serving as opening act up for other headlining artists, he quit his job as a manager and promoter to focus all his energy towards his own artistic endeavours. With a background in music theory and composition and a former career  as multi-instrumentalist in countless musical ensembles, it didn’t take long till his first piece  of music was released on Oskar Offermanns WHITE Label in 2010.

Since then he has been working non-stop as a producer and is spinning records around the globe almost every weekend, He then started composing music for dance, theater performance and  internationally broadcasted film- and tv soundtracks during the week.and took another step forward and debuted his first full lengths solo live program.  Apart from his artistic activities, he managed to established his own series of resident club nights in some of Berlin most well-known clubs; most notably the LA JEUNESSE DOREE Nights at Stattbad, GENTLE PEOPLE CLUB nights at Katerholzig and the annual SUMMERBREAK Party at About Blank.

While still rooted in the club scene  he also acts as curator for the German Symphonics “Casual Concerts” – Series at the Berliner Philharmonie and is the „Resident DJ“ of the German Operas OPERA LOUNGE series. Also in 2013 he created and launched the first worldwide#DSOremixed in Cooperation in collaboration with the German Symphonics.

Most recently he released a remix for HipHop Artist Skipless on Rivulet Records, wrote music for a couple of short films and cowrote a song for Leslie Clios Upcoming Album „Purple“.