Find Your True North

Jeramie Vaine


A traveler, a lover of all things water, a student, and a teacher. With the passion to grow as much as humanly possible. Every time I arrive on the water, my mat or in the midst of exploring. The reality that this life continues to deliver everything I need. Appears.

Growing up on a small lake in Central New England, the water and I were introduced at a young age. Through water skiing, fishing and swimming. And then at the age of 17, teaching entered into my life. Following the path of watersports, the sport of wakeboarding was my segue. This sport would also serve as the gateway to stand up paddleboarding and yoga.

The introduction to both SUP and yoga occurred in 2011. During this time the passion of teaching was being fulfilled through stand up paddleboard lessons. But it was not until 2014 when the connection to teach yoga occurred. Receiving my CorePower Yoga 200-hour Power Yoga teaching certification. It all came full circle.

Today my journeys allow me to share my passions of teaching and the water. Connecting with people across the globe. Whether it be through direct contact with Wanderlust Festival's, Stand Up Paddleboard events, workshops, and trainings. Or through a virtual connection of writing, blogging or social media.

These opportunities continue to fuel my passion to step outside of the normalities of life and into the unknown. Connecting with inspiring people who share unique, powerful stories. Helping all of us to grow.


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