Jennifer Glysson


Originally from the Bay Area, Jenn Glysson is a celebrity private trainer, a mommy, and the owner of The Body Los Angeles studio in Los Angeles, CA. She is also the author of a 12 week workout guide titled “The Body” that is great for all levels of fitness.

Jenn has been a multisport athlete since a young age and after finishing her Division 1 NCAA Basketball career, she decided to stick with her passion for fitness. She began her training career immediately upon graduation and now has over 10 years experience in the health and fitness industry. She is certified through NASM and FRC and absolutely loves spreading her love for fitness and sport. Her training style is driven from her athletic background, functional training, and primal movements. Jenn’s Full Body HIIT workouts are safe and effective workouts that will leave you feeling strong, athletic, and sexy! Be ready to get after it with her!!