Find Your True North

Jennifer Dmuchowski


Hello! My name is Jennifer but feel free to call me Jenn! I am a 26 year old bubbly, out-going Jersey girl living in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. for the last 3 years. I currently work as a graphic designer and as a digital media influencer while in the process of obtaining my NASM Certified Personal Training certification.

From a young age I’ve been an athlete. An athlete who works hard and trains her body in order to perform to her best ability. Slowly but surely throughout college my focus changed leading me to loose that inner athlete and desire for fitness. About 2 years ago I reignited the fire with my health and fitness relationship through Beachbody and BBG. Fast forward to today I’ve not only transformed my body through a variety of programs, fitness classes and self training but I’ve also learned what a living a balanced lifestyle means. I’ve learned that fitness isn’t solely about having 6-pack abs or the most toned arms or legs but it is about building a strong mindset, overcoming fears and building self confidence while constructing a better you. It’s a process that will continue to unfold, a transformation that will lead you on a journey to discover ourselves.

My motto is, “If it scares you, go after it — you might even surprise yourself!”