Find Your True North

Jennifer DeLuca


Jennifer DeLuca was certified in Pilates in 1996 by Romana Kryzanowska, direct descendant of Joseph Pilates, and heir to his work. Her Yoga certification was earned through Cyndi Lee at OMyoga Center in NYC in 2011. She has studied movement and anatomy extensively as part of her deep, lifelong desire to help others connect to their bodies to feel freedom, joy and power.

Jennifer has taught Pilates classes and workshops throughout NYC, the US, Europe and Central America. She is the founder and owner of the esteemed BodyTonic Pilates Gymnasium (1999) located in Brooklyn, NY where she teaches private clients and mentors apprentices and staff. Over the last 20 years BodyTonic has brought health and well-being to thousands people. In the last year, Jennifer launched the BodyTonic Radio Podcast which features conversations with experts in the fields of mind, body and soul. She offers private business coaching for wellness studios of all kinds with the working title, Pilates Like a Boss.

Jennifer, BodyTonic, and her work have appeared in Allure, The Washington Post, Glamour, TimeOutNY, Self, Pilates Style, WellandGoodNYC, Mind Body Green, The New York Times and Body Plus Magazine (Japan.) She is also the author of “Pilates for Wimps-Total Fitness for the Partially Motivated.”, (Sterling, 2005) and has been a featured Health and Fitness expert on HGTV.

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