Find Your True North

Jen Auerbach


Jen Auerbach is Co Founder of Clary Collection. Clary Collection is a family of small batch, hand blended, 100% organic skin care products useful for the entire family. Clary was born out of friendship and the connection her and business partner Adriel found during their pregnancy and births of their first children – two souls who changed everything about the way they saw the world. Their transition into motherhood sparked many changes in them, one of which was a new awareness of the value of clean food, products and environments. They began to make small changes in the way they consumed and worked to establish healthier habits. Clary was launched by Vogue November 2016 and has since found itself across 64 stores and multiple countries. Before venturing in to the world of Wellness Jen could be found working for a nonprofit Small Steps Project. Jen spent extensive time working in Africa, East Timor, India and Cambodia, where she worked delivering aid to children living and scavenging on burning trash sites. Jen calls herself a gypsy, she went to 14 different schools and was raised in London, Thailand and Sydney, and eventually ending up in NYC where she met her husband Dan, who she says dragged her out of the city straight to Nashville. Jen has a 10yr old step daughter Sadie who is going on 25 and a wild son Early nearly 3. Follow @clarycollection to experience Jen’s very honest and hilarious journey about motherhood, and clean living.