Find Your True North

Jason Nemer


I love bringing people and things together. Everything I do in my life to some degree is about connection and harmony. I am motivated by seeing how easily people can shift their beliefs about themselves, each other and the world. Bob Marley did this through music, Gandi through positive actions. Einstein did this by believing that the world was not as it seemed, and then proving it. I aim to do this too, through music, movement, yoga, healing arts, acrobatics and mostly by bringing together as many cultures and people as I can. This is my life’s work and I am so happy that I get to play a part in bringing the world together. I can see a world where more people say yes to life, and have the space to accept others saying yes to their lives. Whether it is a song that makes your hairs stand up, or a deep exchange in acrobatics with a total stranger, we can open ourselves and in turn help to open others. What I offer is my experience and passions to help the world become more playful, connected and harmonized place.