Find Your True North

Jason Morris


yogo_blackKeylineJason Morris is the owner Of Lion’s Breath Yoga and LBY Hot yoga, E-RYT 200 Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher, and is a Lululemon ambassador.

Jason is a sought after teacher that has been teaching movement inspired yoga workshops at festivals and studios all over Western Canada. His nearly 20 years of combined yoga and body movement allows him to teach inspired vinyasa classes that infuse yoga, dance but remain steadfast in the idea of mindful movement.

“Yoga is about the journey, not the destination! This philosophy rings so true for me. I have always had an intense, personal connection to movement and to the energy we share on this earth bound path we all travel together.

I started my journey and career as a professional dancer, performing all around the world, ever striving to perfect the way my body moved. Unfortunately my body began to fail on me and my knees gave up. I thought my world was crumbling around me, I couldn’t do what I once could and decided it was time to retire, at 30 years old!

It was then that I was introduced to yoga. After my first class I thought “What did I get myself into?” But within months my knees were healing, I was getting my flexibility back, I was losing weight and gaining awareness and compassion. For years I practiced casually, but as time went on, my mind would always come back to the mat and all it was giving me. I was more content, more aware, more engaged in everyday life and more concerned with the things that didn’t have to do with “Me” or my “Ego.”

As the owner of LBY hot yoga and Lion’s Breath Yoga, I want to bring you inspired yoga. Yoga that lifts your soul, stimulates the mind, and pushes for change; but all the while nurturing the distinctiveness that is you. My part in this tale is to be there for you on your own journey. Guide you when you’re blocked, applaud you when you triumph, and to consistently remind you “it’s not about you, it’s about the yoga”. Lets have fun on this journey together shall we?