Find Your True North



As a global musician, known for playing the double Native flutes, Joaquin Montoya ( a.k.a. JoaqoPelli) began his journey in music, spiritual work and healing work from an early childhood. He attended school at Waldorf Astoria, in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he learned music and art. And at home, he received training in body and spiritual work from his parents; who have a heritage of Sioux, Basque and French.

At age 11, Joaquin traveled to the Amazon in Brazil where he realized his calling and life purpose with his first ayahausca ceremony. Since then he has embraced his gift by lifting the souls of listeners, performing his flutes at countless Ayahuasca and Peyote ceremonies worldwide. He has also performed many Mayan and Aztec ceremonies in Central America. Along with his music, he also continues his work in visual arts and healing arts.

In his early 30s, he would take on his current artist name, JoaqoPelli. Drawing from the hypnotic tonalities of the Native American double flute, JoaqoPelli creates transcendental experiences. Experiences that reveal the creator are present and passing through us. Globally, he has gained a strong notoriety in sharing his message of light at opening ceremonies of festivals and sacred performances at spiritual centers and gatherings. Furthermore, he expresses originality with his own unique style of flute playing over global bass and tribal trap music weaving tradition, culture and spirituality into new musical experience.

JoaqoPelli’s vision is to bring light, peace and love to the world through music and activism. “What we do now matters and we as a whole need to make a change to help our mother earth. Let us bring light, peace and love to all. Clearing the plastic out of the ocean and making houses for the homeless with it is one step to a higher place of love for us all. We Can Move Mountains If We Come Together As One! Music Connects Us All and With Music We Can Make This Change”