Find Your True North

Jane Daly Danese


Jane Daly Danese is a mermaid at heart. Having grown up by the sea, Jane is a surfer, yogi, and ocean worshipper. She’s been teaching stand-up paddle board (SUP) yoga since 2012, when she founded ebb + flow yoga, a community of seaswept yogis reaching for balance and joy. Ebb + flow yoga guides students in finding awareness and comfort in their bodies and minds. Everywhere in nature, there is a pairing of opposites: the push and pull of gravity, the positive and negative charge of electricity, the light and dark of lunar cycles. Just as the tides ebb and flow in an inward and outward motion of waves, so too do the cycles of our life experience. Ebb + flow yoga explores how to anchor yourself and honor yourself through each stage in the journey. Jane is grateful to her teachers for inspiring her to be a lifelong learner. She was trained in vinyasa yoga by Katya Brandis and Ryan Arnoldy at The Studio DC in Washington, DC and earned her SUP yoga certification with Bliss Paddle Yoga. Jane is particularly inspired by Eoin Finn’s soulful yoga style that celebrates the fullest human experience possible. Whether on the water or in the studio in New Jersey, Jane’s classes infuse yoga philosophy and nature appreciation with intelligent alignment and rhythmic breathing. Jane’s passion for well-being through yoga finds her always playing at the edges of stillness and flow. Anchor yourself. Honor yourself.