Find Your True North

Isamar Gonzalez


I remember having hoops in Puerto Rico when I was 4 years old, and in the Boogie Down Bronx growing up, but my hoop roots really began in my 30’s after having a baby. It became a way for me to loose my baby fat, then it became my religion. A way for me to meditate and express myself, and then I decided I wanted it to be a part of my everyday life.

Seriously. Who didn’t love hula hooping as a kid? If there is a hoop laying on the ground around here, it’s hard for someone to walk by without grabbing it for a few swirls. After hooping we often feel like younger, stronger, more toned, more confident versions of ourselves…in other words, we feel like better, if not our best selves!

Isamar Gonzalez of Puerto Rico and the Boogie Down Bronx is the founder of Hula Nation and a HoopYogini™ Certified Instructor.