Find Your True North

Ida May


Ida May is a international yoga and fitness instructor, personal trainer and all around movement director. Ida fell into yoga through a long career in dance – so no doubt she loves a good flow! Moving through asanas and finding new spaces and depths in the practise, those exciting places that connect the moves, your breath and some new tunes – that’s where it’s at. Find the attunement of the body, mind, breath and the beat of the music.

Ida’s diverse background and passion to keep exploring new things has encouraged and inspired her to create new concepts and consult studios. Ida has been ranked as one of London’s top 5 female fitness instructors. She is featured as one of the London’s Creative Females on the latest Adidas ‘Meet The Creators’ campaign and can be found on the cover of the Evening Standard ‘Fitster trainers in London’.

Ida is constantly working on creative concepts and consulting studios. Her latest creations with ADIDAS Women you can find here and more online classes with FIIT TV!!! Ida also delivers workshops, retreats, privates, corporates and pop ups around the world all the way from UK to Cameroon Africa, from Finland to Morocco and New Zealand – next stop France!!

Ida is always on a go and simply could not do a day without moving. ‘When I was moving I could feel’ (Pina Bausch).