Find Your True North

Hilary Jackendoff


Hilary Jackendoff is a Los Angeles based meditation and Yoga Nidra teacher, formally trained in the North Indian lineage of the Bihar School of Yoga. She began studying and practicing Tantra, yoga, and meditation in 2008, traveling to India and Australia, where she spent two years immersed in ashram life while completing a two-year Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training

Hilary is currently a Senior Teacher at The DEN Meditation and co-creator of its 400 Hour Meditation Teacher Training. Hilary also offers her own 100 Hour Yoga Nidra Teacher Training, meditation teacher mentorship, and a variety of workshops and retreats.

Hilary’s teaching philosophy aims to demystify ancient wisdom, making it more accessible, practical, and fun. She is committed to helping her students develop a sense of ownership of their own consciousness, embracing the notion that the spiritual doesn’t always have to be so serious. Through this understanding, they can connect more deeply to joy, play, and the lightness of being!