Find Your True North

Hannah Muse


Hannah Muse – Teacher, Priestess, Mother, Love Activist

Once upon a time, Hannah Muse stopped searching and softened into the realization that the obstacles are the path; ever since then, her heart has been breaking open and overflowing with grace. She is known for her captivating storytelling and clear compassionate teachings, her deep well of knowledge in Mindfulness, Ayurveda, and Buddhist + Yogic Philosophy, and her profound devotion to waking up to the sacred everywhere, in every breath.

With a background in environmental advocacy + social justice, and a wise zen master in the form of her 10-year old daughter, her spirituality is not removed from the world, but rather deeply inspired by our shared humanity and expressed through compassionate wise action.

Based in Santa Cruz, California, Hannah travels the world, leading yoga teacher trainings, life-changing retreats, and service projects – generously sharing the dharma with tenderness and an infectious bliss that she radiates wherever she roams.
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