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Gloria Morales


Gloria Morales, professional dancer and promoter of BALLET FIT in Spain, was trained as a dancer and teacher of Physical Education. During her training between Madrid and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, his hometown, she danced professionally with the Las Palmas de Gelu Barbu Ballet, at the Maria Eulate Dance Center and with the Victor Ullate Ballet; finishing her training in international dance schools such as the Covent Garden Royal Ballet of London and the Miami City Ballet.
When she retired from the stage, she returned to the island. And although she continued to be linked to the world of dance, she began to practice fitness and running.
It was in one of her trips to the United States, in 2013, when Gloria detected the great demand that already existed at that time of classes of ballet for adults.

Motivated by the boom of Barre across the ocean, Gloria was curious to develop a training plan based on ballet exercises combined with elements of fitness, merging her two passions. BALLET FIT is an innovative discipline based on ballet and combined with elements of fitness. It is a guided choreographic activity, which intercalates, continuously or at intervals: cardiovascular work, toning and joint mobility, prescribed by health professionals for the improvement of physical condition.