Find Your True North

Georgie Fisher


Georgie Fisher is a singer-songwriter based in Berlin,by way of London, originally from Sydney. After such a whirlwind journey, she has since quickly earned a name for herself in the German capital as a world-class singer-songwriter and performer. She has a unique style that’s characterised by her signature rhythmic guitar playing and a voice that sounds like whiskey and tobacco dipped in honey.

Her brand new album BIG CITY HOWL was released worldwide through Crocodile Music International on the 26th of September 2015.

Traces of Georgie’s influences can be found throughout BIG CITY HOWL: Gil Scott-Heron’s veridicality in its lyrics, Lauryn Hill’s soul in its vocals, and Patti Smith’s attitude in its spirit. Nevertheless the album is Georgie’s own — bits and pieces of her life’s story fit together riff by riff, beat by beat, track by track, and from it we learn more than words alone could ever tell. We meet past lovers, family, and old friends. We fight the establishment. We fall in love on Sunday in July. We move to a new city; stories drawn not only by guitar, upright bass, drums, and organ but told with a unique voice.

Georgie will spend January and February of 2016 in the warmer hemisphere, embarking on a tour throughout Australia and New Zealand with respected drum n bass MC and hugely talented singer-songwriter, Tali.