Find Your True North

Gareth Jones


Sound Synergy is an Interactive Drumming experience like none other. The director and facilitator of Sound Synergy is percussionist Gareth Jones. Gareth provides drums and other assorted percussion instruments to all the participants and immerses them into the world of rhythm and tribal beats. A soundtrack produced especially for the session has been influenced from his love of World Music and Global Drumming cultures. This soundtrack provides the foundation for an uplifting, transformative drumming and percussion session designed and catered for those with no previous experience in percussion.

A professional musical facilitator for over 15 years, Gareth uses drums, percussion and rhythm to synergize and uplift groups of people across all social spectrums, ages and abilities. Australian born, Gareth travelled and lived within Africa for 10 years and studied with Master drummers & percussion players from Ghana and South Africa. During this time he performed with many of Africa’s best drummers and helped produce some amazing shows for a variety of situations including facilitating an 800 person drum circle in Sun City South Africa. Gareth’s interactive sessions were instrumental in helping unite the “New South Africa” during the time after apartheid ended in the country.

Gareth has studied drum facilitation with keynote presenter & famed Remo Drummer Arthur Hull, participating in his ground breaking rhythmical alchemy workshops in America. He currently specializes in providing customized rhythmical session’s to suit a multitude of different scenarios. Gareth regularly run’s sessions for Schools and Health and Wellbeing Programs. His ground breaking Musical Therapy programs for Aged Care /Dementia clients have been hugely successful and he also present’s Teambuilding programs for Corporate Companies.

Gareth’s gift is the ability to connect with each and every person attending his sessions, bringing them into the world of rhythm working together as one whole connected tribe. This makes for an unforgettable musical experience they will treasure for a lifetime.