Find Your True North

Gabriela Patiño Vargas


I  started practicing slacklining for fun at the University in Mexico City 6 years ago. I was hooked because in the first moment I wasn’t really able to understand “how to do it.” This challenged me, and I found myself on this quest of balance where i’ve learned that it is a matter of focus, breathing, movement and will power. Connecting with my mind, body, and spirit, a little more, with every step. You really have to put your time and intention on it, is not something that you just pay for it and you obtain it.\u2028\u2028

Since slackline was a new activity in Mexico I was able to become one of the pioneers of slacklining in the area. A group of friends and I started the slackline community in Mx City called “Tenochtitline” sharing our knowledge and improving with new friends, bringing the community together.\u2028\u2028\u2028\u2028

Through this path of balance I have also found a deep connection with my practice of Yoga, which has me practicing Yoga Slackline more than anything, a modality of slacklining that focuses on the practice of the Asanas of Yoga in this one inch mat called: “slackline”.\u2028

This passion and quest for balance has brought me to participate in different contests and events around México, the U.S, Uruguay and Brazil. I won 3 consecutive Female National Contest in the tricklining modality in Mx., and was invited to participate in different events, as a performer and instructor, such as Wanderlust Yoga Festival, Cambotas Brazil Highline Festival, Gravatation Highline Festival, Kupuri, Oregon Eclipse, Enchanted Forest and many other Festivals. I was interviewed for VICE Magazine, and some other newspapers, magazines, and T.V. shows, as well. I found\u2028 support through different sponsors like Gibbon Slacklines, Slackline Industries, Slack Tech, Vertimania and Five Ten Mx.

Currently i’m traveling and dedicating my time to spreading my interests on the principles of Yoga, and applying them to the practice of Slacklining and Acroyoga techniques.

My goal is to continue learning about balance through exploration of the interrelationship between body, mind and movement. My vision is to bring community together through play, and inspire people to live their lives freely.