Find Your True North

Francis (Franko) Heke


Francis (Franko) Heke has turned his ship from full blazing rock’n’roller to mindful yogi. It has been his life long struggle with depression that urged him to look within & find a more peaceful & harmonious existence, now he is a spokesperson for depression & an alternative therapy healer. He swapped his electric guitar for a harmonium, jambai & acoustic guitar then pulled back on his gravelly voice, which set the tone for his passion of devotional chanting. Ancient music. “The primal vibrations of man is what interests me”.

Francis is one of many members of The Gaya Tree who came together in Mangawhai, New Zealand through a united vision of sharing their love of music to ignite the divine spark and remembrance within us all. Violinist, Singer & Guitarist Gabrielle Freeman will be joining Francis at this years Sunshine Coast Wanderlust Festival.
They invite the audience to sing with them to enhance the spiritual journey of peace, harmony and love.