Find Your True North

Farzana Jaffer Jeraj


Farzana grew up meditating in the Sufi tradition from the age of three and began studying Bharata Natyam Classical Indian dance at the age of 5. This soon led to a love a yoga and all things mind and body.She believes that through yoga you can align your body, mind, emotions and spirit to achieve anything.

Farzana began her career in the coaching and motivational field over 20 years ago and is currently a teacher of applied neuroplasticity, hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, coaching, meditation and yoga. She travels the world supporting women of all ages, communities and cultures to find their voice and strength as leaders in their communities. She is a best selling co-author of “20 Beautiful Women: Stories of Women in Leadership” and the author of the best seller “I Cheat at Meditation: Zen in 60 Seconds”. A polymath and proud nerd, Farzana brings a mix of warmth, professionalism, and playfulness to every engagement. Her mission in life is helping each person realize their best self so they can accomplish anything.