Find Your True North

Esteban Salazar


International and high qualified yoga teacher. Esteban is an economist, business administrator and had a master degree in marketing, he always had two passions surf and yoga.

His passions make him take a turn in his life, which is dedicate his life fully to yoga, this two passions make him connect with the elements of life. His classes are like riding a wave, entering into this lovely flow of creativity and expression from the heart. Esteban Salazar is one of the creators of Krama Yoga, which is a style of Hatha Yoga (physical practice), without losing any philosophical aspect and devotion in all hearts.  This method honor the sequential order in things, reason why his classes follow a synchrony between biomechanics, wisdom and experience, giving an optimal flow of Prana (vital energy and inner fluids).

With his 19 years of practicing, and 15 years of teaching, you would experience in his classes, workshops, and certifications a perfect mix between a strong demanding practice, receiving inner harmony and a wide range of knowledge. Feel comfortable in attend in any class or event by Esteban, receiving very clear instructions, for beginners and nice variations for very advance students.