Find Your True North

Elinor Fish


Elinor Fish is a writer, speaker and leader whose
mission is to educate, inspire and lead runners on a path to balanced health through mindfulness, recovery, good nutrition, self-care and sustainable training practices.

She is founder of Run Wild Retreats, which offers transformational immersions in the practice of mindful running for health and stress reduction.

Elinor’s goal is to serve runners on a quest to improve their physical and mental well-being through running. Her core teachings, which evolved during her experience overcoming debilitating adrenal fatigue and chronic injury, encourages runners to see running-related pain, injury and burnout as part of their biofeedback loop that is designed to protect and inform them of impending injury.

She has been competitive runner for 25 years in events ranging from 5K to 125 miles. The former editor of Trail Runner magazine, she is author of the new e-book, The Healthy Runner’s Manifesto, which encapsulates Elinor’s philosophy of what true health means for runners and her method of transforming runners from chronically injured, exhausted or unmotivated to thriving and healthy.

She is an inspiring speaker and motivational workshop leader whose ideas have been featured in major magazines and newspapers.