Find Your True North

Eléa Bosqué-Oliva


Eléa spent her childhood hiking, backpacking and kayaking in Northern California and the French Alps. Her incredibly venturesome parents taught her the simple lesson that life is about having fun and experiencing wonderful adventures, and she instills that idea into everything she does. Eléa loves to have a good time and is quick to laugh, be it out of joy as she summits a new peak, scaring herself silly out climbing, dancing the night away to great music, or as she tumbles out of an arm stand in yoga. When she is not guiding trips into the backcountry or kayaking in the US or Europe, Eléa is going after her American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) certification and inspiring people of all ages to live up to the mantra: Explore, Learn and Grow, as they uncover who they truly are and who they aspire to be. To really discover their authentic selves, Eléa believes that everyone needs to appreciate and bless the ups and downs they go through to be able to ascend to their highest potential.

She is on a personal path to help people find the outlets they need to not only balance themselves emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually, but to also become intrinsically motivated to live fully in the present. She combines backcountry adventures, climbing, kayaking, yoga, playfulness, intuitive art, meditation, music, a growing knowledge of Ayurveda and a passion for delicious, wholesome cuisine to show people how to connect with the world around them, transform themselves into the person they want to become and to find the bliss they’re searching for from within.