Find Your True North

Duncan Parviainen


Duncan grew up in a small town in rural Canada called Uxbridge. He was raised in an off-the-grid house powered by a windmill and solar panels. His parents were scientifically minded, environmentally concerned and fascinated by eastern and Native American spirituality which exposed Duncan to yoga and meditation at a young age.
In 2007, at the age of 17, Duncan graduated from his first yoga teacher training and began teaching yoga for free to the staff and students at his high school.
Feeling most at home outdoors in nature, Duncan worked as a canoe tripping guide in northern Ontario during the summers, where he would take young teens on month long expeditions into the remote wilderness of Canada.
It was one of the most rewarding and challenging jobs he has ever had.
Duncan briefly attended University  of Guelph for Biomedical Sciences and, later, Ryerson University for Performance Dance. Following university, he transitioned into teaching yoga full-time downtown Toronto. This is where he was asked to be faculty for multiple yoga teacher training programs and created his own programs which he taught locally and internationally. Meghan Markle (Duchess of Sussex) was a regular student in Duncan’s classes, claiming “Call it a yoga crush at the highest level of ‘Om’ if you will, and perhaps why it resonated with me above other moments of platonic amour is because meeting Duncan made me fall in love, not just with him, but with my yoga practice as well.”
In 2016, Duncan moved to Australia to be with the love of his life and joined Power Living Australia as their Master Facilitator and facilitated their 200Hr programs, 300Hr programs, as well as developed their teachers, taught classes and workshops. He has since returned to working independently.
Duncan’s style of teaching can be best described as uplifting alignment based vinyasa, which  is greatly inspired by his teacher: Annie Carpenter.
Duncan teaches in a direct and passionate manner which is balanced by his lighthearted and loving attitude. His classes are strong and compassionate. His teaching has a heightened focus on uplifting alignment, smart creative flows, and creating space for deep release. He is eternally grateful for both his teachers and students.