Dr. Robert Graham, MD


Robert Graham, MD, MPH, ABOIM, FACP is a Harvard trained physician, board certified in both Internal and Integrative Medicine, Medical Advisor to the NYC Department of Health and a Chef in-training. Dr. Graham received his medical degree from the School of Medicine at Stony Brook, NY and completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Lenox Hospital in NYC. He received a Masters of Public Health from the Harvard School of Public Health while completing three fellowships at Harvard Medical School, in General Internal Medicine, Complementary and Integrative Medical Therapies and Medical Education.

A Swami once said, “Dr. Graham will tell you what to eat to be healthy, (he prescribes food), but also how to grow it and how to cook it.” — Swami Ramananda.

In 2010, he created Fare Wellness, a culinary medicine program, and has taught over 500 health professionals, including doctors how to cook. As the Director of Integrative Health and Wellness for a large health system, he led a company-wide cooking, yoga, meditation, stress reduction and wellness program. In 2013, Dr. Graham created “Victory Greens,” the first edible organic garden on a rooftop hospital. He is a frequent speaker at conferences, and in 2015, he was selected to be a TED speaker at TEDxManhattan where he presented a talk titled, “Back to Our Roots.” Dr. Graham’s most recent venture is FRESH Med, an integrative medical practice where he and his wife , Julie incorporate their roots in holistic and conventional medicine into our modern healthcare system with an emphasis on having greater respect for the five pillars of well-being: Food, Relaxation, Exercise, Sleep and Happiness, now that spells F.R.E.S.H! Their motto is “When it comes to our health, it all starts with food but in the end, what we truly want in life is to be happy.” In the fall of 2017, he began writing his book “A FRESH Recipe To Health” and entered culinary school at the Natural Gourmet Institute on his way to becoming a Chef. Follow him @FRESHMedNYC and at www.freshmednyc.com.