Dhruva Lance


“Integration happens when you claim your whole being and you own all its parts, those that you like and those that you do not like. Fragmentation happens when you rigidly believe a single person who does things in only one way. Making your being spend too much energy in hiding those parts of you that you can not accept.”
Integration is the door to the infinite possibilities.
-Dhruva Lance-
With more than 24 years of experience in lineages of Yoga, Body Psychotherapy and Healing Arts, Dhruva is a world class teacher. Very dear and Wanted in Yoga and Tantra communities in Mexico and the United States, Dhruva has given Master classes, workshops and regular classes at the most important studios in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, NYC, and Los Angeles.
Dhruva has been a pioneer in Mexico of many disciplines, among them was to bring Anusara Yoga to Mexico. Being a teenager, through initiation and transmission, his conscience was opened, and for a prolonged period, he experienced a deep and uninterrupted connection with the present moment and the heart of all things (hrdaya). After that profound experience, his path has been to be devoted to the encounter and study of the practices that support to carry, deepen and contain the base of that initial intense experience.
Dhruva since 1994 has learned Hatha Yoga, Shaiva Tantra, Dzogchen and Biomechanics directly from linehead teachers, academics, yogis, and founders of important Yoga modalities and other disciplines.
He also trained as an Integrative Body Psychotherapist, and since then he has deepened in Jungian Psychology and his work with the human shadow.
Always a passionate student, Dhruva researches, studies and trains constantly. In 2012 in San Francisco California, he inquired into the original teachings of Sri T Krishnamacharya, began a concentrated practice of ZhiNeng QiGong, acrobatics training, and Trauma Release Exercises, as a new exploration and study material. In 2016 he founded Integra Yoga, a school based the masterful integration of Emotional Wisdom, Body-Mind and Connection with the Source. He has had media exposure on television in different programs and channels, he has had the rating higher in the programs that he has participated and has had programs dedicated to the diffusion of Integra Yoga Nationally and Internationally. Integra Yoga has had a tremendous demand in the country, and has already had presence with workshops, trainings and retreats in more than the 10 most important cities in the country.

Based on a powerful blend of creme de la creme such as Saiva Tantra, Shaivism of Kashmir, Rajanaka Tantra and Tibetan Buddhism, the philosophy of Integra Yoga goes beyond and covers what Dhruva calls “the keys of expression in the world “practice of emotional wisdom and asana of Integra Yoga are perfectly interpenetrated and adapted for an application in our life as a proposal that meets the needs of the modern Yogi who is interested in being committed simultaneously with their participation in the world and its transcendence.

Founder of Tandava Studio Valle de Bravo. Founder of Integra Yoga & www.integrayoga.tv. He was Senior Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher. It was Anusara Yoga Board of International Certification Committee. International Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500. Several National Yoga TV appearances. Yoga Tree Studios teacher in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Wood Cut Golden Bridge Los Angeles California. He was a teacher in New York, Yogamandali, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Psychosomatic Psychotherapist (Yollocalli Institute). Long term staff at Sri Muktananda Ashram. Core MBA Coaching Graduate. Content producer for www.amatuvida.tv. Director of the School of Music Laboratory of Music Valle de Bravo. Professional guitarist. Musical Producer and Artist “Dhruvamusik” “Electro Curry” “Zen Studios”