Find Your True North

Derek Cook


I have always worked with my hands as my tools, I’ve been a carpenter, an artist a musician and a sculptor, with a desire to be of service to those around; long before I knew my path as a healer. I came into my body late in life, discovering my love of movement and the physical after a childhood of health problems and weight issues, with physical ailments playing a large part in my formation. After years of misunderstanding and mistreating my body I discovered yoga, and began down the path of healing. Yoga and bodywork revealed a badly hidden obsession with the body, how it works and how to work with it. The study of anatomy became my passion, taking me into medical university labs to explore Integrated Anatomy and research the form and function of fascia with Dr. Gil Headly and to the SOMA Systems tools as a way to work with our own bodies. I’m excited and honored to be able to share this work with students. I love working in a way that offers detailed and sophisticated information in an easily digestible and interesting package. I’m truly committed to creating an environment where anyone with a desire to learn and a resolve to show up can find healing.