Day Schildkret


Day Schildkret is internationally known for Morning Altars and has inspired tens of thousands of people of all ages across the globe to renew our relationship to nature, creativity, and impermanence with the ritual and practice of earth art.

Day is the author of, “Morning Altars: A 7 Step Practice to Nourish Your Spirit Through Nature, Art and Ritual” published by The Countryman Press, an imprint of W.W. Norton. A 20-city book and workshop tour follows the October 2018 publishing date.

Morning Altars has been featured in BuzzFeed, VICE, Spirituality & Health Magazine, and many others and has 85k followers on Instagram and Facebook combined.

Large scale Morning Altars installations and workshops have been featured at Wanderlust Festival, Google, Wisdom 2.0 Conference, Treefort Music Festival, Bioneers Conference, The Andy Warhol Preserve, Beloved Festival, The Culture Conference, Symbiosis Festival, Lighting in a Bottle Festival, Red Rock Arts Festival, Butte College and live on-stage with East Forest at the Legendary Old Church Music Hall.

With workshops, book readings and large-scale earth art installations worldwide, Morning Altars is bringing ephemeral art to the collective human imagination.