Find Your True North

David Kam


David Kam is an artist on a mission to champion movement as a creative practice through play. When we connect the dots around us, we can see the world for what it can be, instead of what it is. This is why greatest ideas come from play, as we cultivate the creativity to adapt intuitively to the constant changes around us.

David’s craft carries this playful essence, threading over 10 years of movement and artistic research with leading institutions of creativity and wellness, including specialist degrees in both architecture and dance. A firm believer that knowledge is a rumour until it lives in the body, David shares movement classes liberated from the seeking of answers, instead developing ongoing curiosity through exploration beyond asana. He ultimately teaches to celebrate the body as an intuitive anchor to understand ourselves in more than one way, honouring our unique expression through play.

A Malaysian native currently based in London, David shares his ever-evolving practice as a teacher, performer and speaker with warmth and sincerity to communities both in London and abroad, hoping to encourage everybody to #keepkam and move playfully into a fresher, kinder everyday.