Find Your True North

Daniel Anthony


Daniel Anthony lives in the ahupuaa of Kaneohe, in the district of Koolaupoko, on the island of Oahu. With the Koolau mountain range at his back and the Pacific at his nose, he believes in the mana (power) of our aina and its ability to continue to feed us and our keiki.

Daniel and Aulii Jones, through their business Mana Ai LLC, provide consumers with a healthy, sustainable alternative, called paiai, to gluten, soy, dairy, and GMO products. Paiai is taro pounded using the least amount of water that can to be mixed into poi – the purple paste synonymous with Hawaiian luau.

By purchasing paiai, you are supporting local and Hawaiian farmers, putting your dollars behind sustainable food sovereignty, and taking greater ownership of where your food comes from.

Daniel’s nonprofit Hui Aloha Aina Momona supports local farmers practicing sustainable agriculture, funds community and educational kui clubs, and stewards several dry-land taro patches in Koolaupoko.