Find Your True North

Dallas Delahunt


yogo_blackKeylineOwner of studio330, Dallas truly lives her commitment to community. She delivers a fluid, strengthening, healing experience to each yogi in the room, regardless of experience level. dallas offers an all-levels class like no other. She brings a healing and thoughtful atmosphere that is meditative and emotionally freeing. Within safe-space and safe sequencing, students are encouraged to focus inward, re-energize, and try new things.

She is often the teacher first time students return to, as her instructions are clear and relatable. Though her tone is calming she never takes class too seriously. Students love her reassuring hands-on adjustments. In her classes, workshops and teacher trainings, you’ll experience her dedication to teaching excellence.

dallas is grateful for her wealth of education, particularly from her ytt co-teacher, Kathryn Flynn, and friend, Seane Corn. Much love to her teachers Bryan Kest, Hali Shwartz, and most importantly, her peers and students of 330.