Find Your True North

Connie Causa


Southamerican Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Traveller Mama, Q’ero Apprentice, Ceremony Facilitator, Cacao Lover, Peace Activist, Life Juggler and Student Always.

I’m Constanza Causa, aka Kani Causay, born and raised at the eye of Apu Licancabur in the Atacama desert, Chile.

With a free range childhood in the dirt and dryness of the desert, I develop a strong sense with the subtle energies of nature, tones, colours, lights, shadows, darkness, sounds, and all senses of my body connecting with a land full of mysticism and a dad really involves in Humanitarian and Civilization studies.

With that as a foundation I choose to study Ecotourism Management, a very privilege degree that allowed me to explore the most amazing landscapes and special corners of Chile by foot, horses and ropes.

Been in love with the mountains and willing to explore beyond Southamerica, I felt the strong call to move to New Zealand and learn more of the art of taking people back to the outdoors. Reason that took me to learn about canyoning and this time become one with the river, energy that I still connect and teach me lots!

During these canyoning years in New Zealand my yoga practice became priority and after finishing an intensive yoga training I started to dedicate my life to the path of conscious movement and breath awareness.

A decade after I’m feeling I have just scratched the surface and the power of going inwards is a non return journey, it became “the journey” and I’m ready to share it.