Find Your True North

Christian Ralston


Christian Ralston aka Dj Super C started djing back in the day when a Dj setup consisted of 2 turntables and a mixer. Coming from a large extended family music was always a big part of get togethers. Weather it was a sing along with Grand Dad on the piano or listening to old albums on vinyl with related stories of remarkable detail of where and when a song was heard for the first time. Music meant good times.

A little further down the track Christian got his first taste of electronic music while attending an underground warehouse party in the early 90’s. This was different and this was big. To hear music on monster sound systems and to see people dance and smile was a pivotal moment. A deep respect developed for the art of Djing and making people smile through music. A passion for all things electronic music was born and years spent, dancing, collecting records and practicing Dj skills turned in regular gigs all over Sydney.

Over time Christian also developed a passion for Yoga. Christian now combines his love for yoga and music, creating thoughtful and challenging classes accompanied by outstanding soundtracks and regular yoga/music extravaganzas called Yoga Jam. You can find him teaching at BodyMindLife, Flow Athletic and Egg of the Universe studios in Sydney, and spinning tracks at Wanderlust Australia & New Zealand, Lost Paradise festival and Sydney’s best venues including Coogee Pavilion Rooftop.