Find Your True North

Celeste Young


Celeste Young has been practicing meditation for over 17 years. She offers mindfulness meditation and Dharma classes, Insight meditation retreats, and individual sessions locally and internationally.

Since 2012, Celeste has taught thousands of students the essentials of mindfulness meditation, as well as traditional Buddhist Dharma teachings at InsightLA where she is a senior teacher. She also works with various nonprofit organizations and companies bringing mindfulness to the workplace in unique and innovative ways, collaborates with artists and wellness experts, and mentors new teachers and students internationally.

Celeste strongly believes in the power of mindfulness to heal and reconnect us to our inherent sense of ease and well being, and to change our world. She draws on her training in Buddhist psychology, Peter Levine’s somatic experiencing work, and over a decade of silent Insight retreat practice. She has received formal teaching authorization in the Theravada Buddhist tradition from Trudy Goodman and Jack Kornfield.