Ceci Aguilera


Cecilia has a bachelor dregree of Marketing and is a certified Fitness Coach. She is proud to be an athlete who seeks to influence and empower women, who have fitness goals just like her, through her blog Fitspiration by ceci_aguilera®.

After studying abroad, she returned to Mexico in 2012 with many goals, but one that would be her number one priority: have a healthier image and regain her ideal weight. Along the way she tried different methods and dynamics, some were a complete success and some were failures, but all of them made her a much more experienced person and taught her how to have a balanced life in a healthy body. And that’s how she became passionate about health, wellness, bodybuilding and high intensity training.

Currently, as a certified personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), student of the Women’s Fitness Specialty, and group fitness instructor in Commando Studio, Cecilia seeks to motivate others to make positive changes in their lifestyle with a single motto that reflects every goal has no limits: “My body does not define me, I define my body. “