Find Your True North

Carlos Fernando Alquicira


He started his yoga practice when he was 7 years old; at 15 he visited his first Ashram where Kundalini Yoga captured his attention. Later on, he got in Guru Ram Das’ Ashram and began his Kundalini practice. When he reached 18 years old, he started his Kundalini yoga certification, with the International Kundalini Yoga – Level 1 Instructor. Then he got the Certificate for Kundalini Research Institute (KRY) imparted by Sat Nam Kaur Khalsa; disciple and righthand of Master Yogui Bhajan. He’s also certificated in Yoga for kids by Childplay Yoga from Gurudass Kaur Khalsa.

Along his spiritual path, he’s taken several coursed such as:

-Sound Therapist by the Spanish Institution of Sonotherapy by Ramji Singh
-Consciousness Development Course by the International Academy of Consciousness.
-The Tao of love 1, 2, 3. Discovering your inner goddess. Instructor: Jerónimo García Z.
-Tantric Numerology by Veronica Hermosillo Fuster
-Reading of Runes by Roque V. Hernández.

He’s currently majoring in Yoga for Businesses (100 Hrs) by the Mexican Institute of Yoga, imparted by Ana Paula Dominguez.

He’s been imparting yoga lessons for kids for more than four years in different yoga centers, schools and sport centers on the western area, such as; Iyengar Yoga Center, Green Yoga, Sports World, Sportium and ATID Elementary School.

He enjoys taking knowledge and bodily physical awareness to the younger ones. He says yoga creates strong roots and foundations in kids’ minds in order for them to have a healthy and stable emotional-affective life, creating communication channels between body and mind through postures and yogic games.

“Yoga in kids is a fundamental tool for a conscious society“