Find Your True North

Caleb Spaulding


Caleb Spaulding is a drummer, social entrepreneur, and storyteller who uses his 18 years of expertise in drumming and music in different capacities as an educator and workshop facilitator. He’s the co-creator of the Heart Beat Movement, a yoga and meditation practice powered by live drumming, which has been featured domestically in collaboration with Lululemon, SoHo House, Burning Man, BBYO, The Class by Taryn Toomey and internationally in Mexico, Panama, Israel and the Bahamas at Ondalinda, Kalu Yala, Reality Israel, and with the GloGood Foundation, respectively.

In early 2017, Caleb spent time in Ghana, where he began developing a documentary about the power of rhythm around the world (more info on this project, including videos can be found at His mission is to utilize rhythm, music, and movement to alleviate stress, boredom, and depression and to instill more happiness, creativity, and confidence in people of all ages and backgrounds.

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