Caitlyn Woods


Caitlyn is the founder of SpinJoy. She’s helped thousands of people of all ages, and from all walks of life, embrace the power of the hula hoop. Her passion is creating space for people to understand that joy and playful movement should be a priority.

Her mission is to use hula hoop dance as the catalyst to empower people to connect with their bodies in a joyful and positive way. She’s super passionate about creating space for women to feel empowered, sexy, silly and free with their bodies, with the goal of taking the focus of movement and exercise away from feelings of lacking or not good enough, and moving towards joyful body connection and self expression.

Caitlyn’s hoop style is ultra-high energy. She’s about dancing in the hula hoop and oozing joyful energy that captivates and inspires people to join in. Her unique blend of mesmerising sustained spinning and jaw-dropping moves will leave you itching to pick up a hula hoop.