Find Your True North

Brian Miller


​Brian Miller came to yoga from a business and law background. After over 15 years of fitness and boxing experience, Brian tried yoga and was awed by the metamorphosis he experienced and continues to experience through his yoga practice. Brian is confident that the practice of yoga can help inspire both mental and physical transformation, develop strength, balance, flexibility, focus, stamina, body awareness, and control, enabling each of us to tap into our true inner potential.

Inspired by the profound effect the practice has had on his life, Brian is eager to share the passion he has developed for yoga. After owning a studio at home in Montreal, Canada, Brian began teaching online, assisting practitioners of all levels deepen their practice. Brian has been repeatedly featured by Instagram and various websites and blogs as being one of the top Instagram yoga accounts. He now works with private individuals, professional athletes and travels teaching workshops, retreats and intensive yoga teacher trainings.

In achieving his advanced practice, Brian recognizes and demonstrates that anything is possible. One of Brian’s favorite yoga quotes is “Yoga makes the impossible possible, and possible easy.” Brian believes some of yoga’s many benefits come by persisting through the “impossibilities” and challenges you’re confronted with throughout the practice (and life). The transformative power of yoga comes from the reprogramming of pre-established mental pathways and thought processes, thereby forcing you to overcome beliefs deeply rooted within your psyche. Confronting deeply held beliefs about yourself liberates you from their limiting effects and unleashes the practitioner’s true potential.

Using his varied experience and training his classes are developed for all levels of students, making yoga accessible to all. He breaks things down in an easy-to-understand way that makes sense in his students’ bodies and enables them to develop new body awareness in order to help deepen their practice and discover the true transformative magic of yoga.