Find Your True North

Biet Simkin (US)


Biet is this completely unique Spiritual Teacher with a rare Rock & Roll sensibility who was raised by an awakened Shaman who cured himself from near death in the woods of Russia. Biet has 30 + years of study & practice under her belt. With that said, I think what makes her story even more special is the amount of adversity she has overcome. Losing most of her family to death as a young child growing up in NYC, tragedy turned into music and she got signed to Sony Records at 18, after that she had a near death experience, lost her 4 month old daughter Ula to S.I.D.S, had her house burn down, lived in the burned down house doing heroin for 4 months, her best friends hung himself and then her ‘awakened teacher’ father died. After 5 years of heroin and cocaine addiction Biet got sober nearly 11 years ago and founded a meditation experience that she guides globally and scores with her own music. Her work is just as warm and intimate with a group of 12 people in a living room as it is with thousands of people on a stage. 

She has been called the “David Bowie of Meditation” by Television Host & Activist, Stacy London

She has been written up in FORBES, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, TIME & The New York Times.. just to name a few. She has partnered with Lululemon, Adidas and Sony to name just a couple.


Biet has just released her first book with Simon & Schuster based on the 44 laws that prevent someone from enlightenment and is speaking all over the globe to spread the message of awakening and doing it in a down to earth way!