Find Your True North

Basil Jones


yogo_blackKeylineBasil’s interest in yoga began in 1995 working as a chiropractic assistant. Feeling that wellness extended beyond the physical body, he went on to study yoga philosophy, postures, energetics, and body based therapy to support people looking to take a true mind-body-spirit approach towards the inward journey of health and wellness.

Offering nearly 15 years, Basil has created three yoga studios, developed a yoga teacher training program, traveled the world leading teacher trainings and immersions, taught yoga at national music festivals, and has been featured on national tv talk shows. He continues continues to hold weekly classes in his current studio, The Basil Yoga Center in CT and assists Seane Corn in national yoga conventions. Basil is an ambassador for Green Chimneys and the Reciprocity Organization, two organizations supporting homeless and marginalized youth and teens. In 2015 he was selected to be an ambassador for the Lululemon clothing line.

Basil brings a playful yet deeply rich tapestry of philosophy, self inquiry, and creativity to his classes while supporting each unique being connecting to their sacred self.