Find Your True North

Augusto Almeyra


I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Since I was little I started with sports, channeling my energy in martial arts like Karate Do, Shotokan, kick boxing, Brazilian Jjuijitsu. 7 years ago I started with functional training, Crossfit and then on my own, by teaching classes.

I have traveled the world training in different open spaces and open-air gyms in cities like Barcelona, ​​Miami, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Vancouver and St. Motriz.

I have professional soccer players, amateur and high performance athletes, artists, actresses and actors with national and international media influence as my clients.

I am certified by the “American Society of Exersice Physicologists”, the “Argentine Association of Sports Medicine and Exercise Sciences”, the “Secretary of Sports of the Argentine Nation” and the “National Sports, Physical Education and Recreation Institute” in functional exercises, enrolled in a paleolithic diet symposium and physical exercise.

My intention is to help the Mexican society to be more awake and bring all the benefits of a healthy life to more people. The union of body, mind and soul.