Find Your True North

Anthony Chavez


Anthony believes yoga to be the physical embodiment of personal and spiritual growth. It was during his time as a professional speaker at Freedom Personal Development that he was introduced to the practice. He immediately fell in love and made it his life’s work. His intention while teaching yoga or working as a Human Development instructor is crystal clear: It’s to help break the invisible binds of the mind to create a life of freedom through a heart centered practice. Over the last many years he has helped 100’s of people and organizations enjoy extraordinary success in all areas of their life.

Anthony’s also on the board of directors for the non profit organization With My Own Two Hands which unites the yoga and sport communities to help orphans who are affected by poverty and HIV/AIDS in Africa. He helped lead a humanitarian mission in 2012 that resulted in the building of an orphanage in Kenya. Through his work as a yoga teacher, and human development instructor Anthony has been able to inspire, motivate, and give guidance to children and adults across the country. My goal here is to end suffering – physically and mentally – and to help provide the tools to live a life of peace, love, and freedom

Anthony has been professionally speaking and teaching yoga since 2009. He has led numerous yoga teacher trainings and personal development retreats. Currently, Anthony is the National Brand Manager for LifePower Yoga. As such, he leads teacher trainings, creates and writes programs, facilitates retreats, and oversees the growth and development of the 118 studios across the country.

When he’s not teaching yoga or speaking you can find Anthony playing with his 2 year old, riding his road bike, or trying to find some new way to push the human body and mind beyond its limit that his wife would not approve of.